Monday, April 1, 2013

A Different Point of View...

Our daughter asked if she could write a guest post for the blog and we thought it would be a GREAT idea. Oftentimes when a family is adopting, you'll hear the point of view of the parents. We thought others might be interested in our children's point of view. Adoption IS a beautiful thing. It also has its challenges.  My daughter is going to share one of the challenges she's already dealt with in our journey. You see, she had a different picture of what our family's adoption might look like. But, with God's help, she now understands that His plan is sometimes different than our own. She's also the first to tell everyone that His plan is ALWAYS the best plan. Enough of my words...please, enjoy this entry from my beautiful daughter Abby:


Hi, I'm Abby-Sam & Michelle's daughter. My mom said that I could do a guest entry for her blog :)
To start off I would like to say how great my mom is. She is an awesome mom! She is kind, gentle, and loving. When she first told that we were adopting I thought she was kidding. Sometimes my friends ask me if it is hard to think about having another brother, and a sister :) I always tell them this story about when we first knew about adopting Olivia:
My dad and I were at a friend's house picking up my brothers. My dad brought up the subject of finding a sister. (I  had told my mom and dad that I had wanted a younger sister when we first started talking about adopting). My first question was "How old is she?" My dad said his head was spinning because he new I wanted a younger sister and didn't plan on telling me her age so quickly. But he knew he had to answer. "She is 13," he said. My heart sank. My dad said I was very quiet on the ride home and that he was thinking that he couldn't tell me not to be upset or that this had to be. As we were riding home I looked over and asked my dad: "Are we committed?" He knew that this would hurt me even more but he had to tell me the truth. "Yes" he said "we are committed." After that I sat quietly and prayed that God would make me happy to have an older sister. As we got out of the car I walked up to my dad and said "Daddy, I prayed and God helped me to love Olivia and showed me all the fun things we can do together." My dad said he was so relieved after that and I was too :)
Thanks for reading  this post and my story-I'm sure I will get to post some more :)


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  1. I really enjoyed reading this post!
    And Abby, I am sure you will love having a sister! She might be a little bit older but I know you will be very important to her when she joins Your family; you will be her model (: